Saturday, 30 June 2012

How do I even begin...

It all started with a planted seed and it seems this little thought has taken root. I certainly didn't mean it to and certainly didn't even dream it might be possible.

One of the brilliant artists I follow on FB and Instagram put out a plea if everyone of her FB buddies sponsored her $7, then her dream to travel to Italy to do week long course with Misty Mawn would be realised. Misty is another fabulous artist I follow. I sponsored her $10. I wish I could have done more... But the exchange rate isn't kind to us here in South Africa.

It got me thinking that perhaps I could do this next year... For my 40th. A gift to myself. Maybe a bit of quest or pilmgramage as I head into my 40's. Sadly, the more I researched, I found out that Misty doesn't do this every year. I am not sure when/or if she will ever do it again. I started to panic at the idea of a missed opportunity. I think this was when my own private dream was birthed, entertaining the idea of perhaps doing the trip to Italy with Misty this year... As an early birthday 40th gift to myself. It would be tough to pull off... But maybe, just maybe - it could be done.

What greater experience would it be for me right now, to do art for 1 week in Italy with two of my favorite artists at the moment... with where I am going with my art.  The opportunity to sit at a table with them, to be taught by Misty and to paint with Jenny and other incredible artists. To meet people from all over the world. It would be a complete honor and humbling experience.  It will be a complete dream come true.

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