Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Day 3 - A day of many Firsts for me in the Studio...

Every morning I woke up at around 7am to bells ringing somewhere in the distance.  I got out of bed and opened my shutters and this was my view.  I repeated this everyday for 9 days and I took a picture everyday.  I know it was the same picture everyday - but I just couldn't help it.  It took my breath away every morning.  I would then climb back into bed and Skype call Dig and the girls.  There was no time difference for us so they were also in bed and we had a glorious little chat about what was happening in each of our days... I got the show them out my window every morning.  I loved our morning chats and they got me through the day.  I would then hop in the shower and get ready for the day.  We would all meet in the Refectory for coffee, breakfast and chatting every morning for an hour.  It was a sweet time.

This morning we headed back down into the studio for a full day of lessons.  I was looking forward to it...  Misty gave us incredible tutorials on this day.  It was one of my best days.  She demonstrated how to paint a portrait without drawing up.  Drawing up figures that tell a story and she showed us how to do backgrounds.  This was just so exciting for me.  This was ALL new ground for me... in so many ways.  It would be the first time I would be using Acrylic paints and the figure work was new for me and the beautiful background work too.  If I came to Italy just for today - it would have been so worth it for me.  Having this input first hand was priceless...

We had to start with just dark shadows and shapes and had to slowly build her in.
As you can see my nose and mouth were too high and off...
Replacing the nose and mouth... and working on the headdress.

The headdress and earrings are my favorite part of this painting...

It was tough going... I found using Acrylics difficult but the more I worked with it the more we started to understand each other.  It's a road I will continue to walk down and try learn more.  Besides the blending on the face - the rest of her was a delight to do in Acrylics.  It was the first time I had ever used Acrylics and HotPress 100% Cotton WaterColor Paper.
My first background... using Acrylics and Ephermia - I am in love with this process
We spent the late afternoon out and had dinner together as a group.  Jenny and I later returned to the studio to paint until 2am quietly chatting and listening to music while we painted.
It was one of my favorite days and evenings by far... hmmm I know I am pretty much saying that about everyday... aren't I?

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