Friday, 20 July 2012

Abundant Grace....

From the moment I made the commitment to go to Italy to paint, the provision has come in.  I can't quite explain it, in the slightest.  Let me be clear... We don't have spare money for anything, let alone an overseas trip.  I knew doing this trip to Italy was risky and a pure chance because I had no idea where the funding was going to come from.  In fact, I was so serious about doing the trip that I was prepared to get into debt for it and spend the next 5 years paying it off.  Drastic measures, I know.  But I am happy to report, that I don't have to do that.  In the last month alone, I have managed to sell 6 of my paintings and have 5 new orders already.  Within one week, I have managed to sell my 2nd hand items that I advertised and that has paid for my airticket.  I also managed to pick up a new client and I started working there this week which is a huge part of my funding.  And like many of us trying to get to Italy - I am working my butt off.  But I love that in so many ways - nothing just falls in our laps... It's in the "working the fields that we reap the harvest".  To me, it's almost like spiritual universal law happening right in front of me.  Work wise and painting wise, I am busy!  Nevermind "life" in between.  It means I don't have a moment to spare or waste.  It has meant early rising to late night calls.  And stealing moments to rest in between.  But I can honestly say, I have never been happier and never felt so complete and so focused.  It feels pretty awesome right now.  Maybe it has something to do with living out ones DREAMS!  I am happy to report that Little Rue is being shipped to Austrailia.  My first export.  And my Clever Cali and Amelia are finally going home this week too.  Cali and Amelia were my first commissions of #thisismygirltoday series.  So it's been a mighty special week for me.  It feels good to be sending pieces home.  Completed work always feels good.  It's a real sense of accomplishment!  Deeply moved and deeply grateful is all I can say right now!!!!

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