Friday, 27 July 2012

Visa Application Day...

Wow - this is quite a bit of physical labour!!! But I am up for the task.  Silly me - I thought I would waltz into the consulate and pay for my visa, get my passport stamped and voila.  You can see I haven't travelled for a while... a long while.  There are procedures madam...  So I have a bit of a checklist and I am slowly working my way through it.  Good thing I phoned first. 

I have already accomplished some tasks today...

1.  Proof of employment, that I am in fact returning home ;-) [check]
2.  Proof of transport (copy of my ticket) [check]
3.  Proof of accommodation [requested]
4.  Proof of funds [Monday]
5.  Proof of Travel Insurance [check]
6.  Proof of residency - that I actually live in Cape Town. [check]
7.  Photo's x2 [check]

I have to book my 1st nights accommodation before I can do my online visa application form.  I have a few options of which I will narrow down this weekend.

I have my appointment early next week.


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