Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Another big step today...

As Kristi says in the past week alone, we have been leaping over each new obstacle as they have come on the list of things to accomplish.  And today we took another big leap... some of my funding has come in so I could pay almost half of my course fees and I have to tell you, right now that's feeling pretty good.  I am happy to say by mid August, I will be able to pay the balance of my fees and then then technically, I only have a few things left on the list...  This is what it's currently looking like...

1.  Post office to collect my Travel Packet - got the notification today that it's ready for
     me.  Yippeeeeeee

2.  Credit Card for trip

3.  Cellphone Service Provider - find out about data coverage while in Italy, so I can
     Facetime or Skype my precious peeps while I am away.  Maybe even take them on
     some walks through the streets of Orvieto and Rome.

3.  Italian Visa

4.  2nd Payment for Course Fees

5.  Spending Money

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