Monday, 2 July 2012

Baby Steps... for this week

Okay... so where to from here...

1.  Put my name down on the list. [check] :-D
     There is only 6-10 places on this course.  This is what makes this course so special.
     So I didn't want to leave this to the last minute and miss out.

2.  Download my passport application form. [check]
3.  Passport photo's. [check]

4.  Budget.  [check]

5.  Send Kristi and Bill my postal address. [check]
     So I can receive my Travel Packet.

6.  Drop off application forms at Home Affairs.  [check]

7.  Flight enquries and book tickets. [check]

8.  Collect passport.  [check]

9.  Visa.

10.  Pay deposit.  [check]

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