Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Passport day...

So I had scheduled a trip to Home Affairs today.  With form, pictures and cash in hand, I was on my way... Applying for a passport in this country is never an easy thing to do.  So I was a bit nervous.  But I put my big girl panties on and directed myself there... with no problem.  The offices weren't too bad at all.  I sat in a quere for about 1 hour.  Which wasn't too bad because I met two lovely ladies and we chatted the whole way through this hour.  The one lady was actually married to an Italian man :-D and their boys went to my daughter's school - just in a higher grade, so they gave me some wonderful advice and information about what to expect in the coming years.  I really love these little encounters.  When I got to the counter they said I couldn't get an Italian Visa on a Temporary Passport so I would have to upgrade my forms to a full passport.  I mentioned my concern that it would take 10 weeks and that was cutting it too close.  I was assured this was the old system and that it would only take 2 weeks.  Not that I had a choice... so here we go.  I think this will be one of the make or breaks for this trip.  She said she would personally follow up for me and make sure that it's there within 2 weeks - even if it meant giving me my passport number so I could apply for my visa and tickets.  She was amazingly kind - so here's trusting for good things!

I know I'm stretching myself by doing this and stepping out at such a late stage but I have faith that if I am meant to be in Italy - it will be what's right for me.  If this is completely out of my grasp, the right things will happen...  Let the chips fall as they may.  But right now I am way to excited to think about anything negative.

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