Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another amazing letter from Kristi...

Hi again,

13 short weeks gives us butterflies...for all of us dreaming of being together in the streets of Orvieto!

We can see how much is in front of you, step by 'required' step, to make this happen. How about if we just assume everything is going to go smoothly and perfectly? It will at least help to know information from us is coming, and fun for you to begin to meet the folks in Misty's group. These should help brighten the days as you wait for your passport and begin to make serious plans.

* Just send us your mail address and we'll get our Travel Packet off to you.
*Bill will send you an email with an invitation to the Google Group. All you need to do is click the blue ACCEPT button and you'll be linked to any future emails. Once we see you are linked, we'll send out an email telling everyone you are jumping in with us. Does this sound ok?

Until then, I'll send you our most recent group email with a look at some background of get your travel juices flowing.

We are so grateful you are willing to take all this on in such a short time. Let the sweet anticipation can begin NOW!!!

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