Thursday, 5 July 2012

Google Group

So yesterday I was invited and joined the Google Group.  I felt rather nervous about joining, in case this isn't a done deal.  I tried to put that aside for just a minute and just embrace each stage.  Going or not.  It will be a wonderful journey...  I logged on tonight and found this beautiful introduction from Kristi.  If nothing else, I look forward to meeting this wonderful couple Kristi and Bill.  Their kindness has been astounding!

Hi friends,

One of the true pleasures we have here at Adventures in Italy is being a part of A BIG DREAM! It takes so much for many of us to manage the myriad of details and costs required to make a trip to Italy happen. We dearly appreciate every gesture you all are making to travel to Orvieto with us. We know without a doubt, Italy will NOT disappoint you.

We'd like you to meet just such a determined 'spirit'...Jeanne-Marie Webb from South Africa. Jeanne-Marie and her family are moving heaven and earth to make sure she gets to join Misty and all of you this fall. She is soooooo excited and is working feverishly to get everything organized to come. She is now part of the Google Group and we know you'll send her your warmest welcome.

Thrilled to our toes to have you along with us Jeanne-Marie!!!

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