Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Baby steps...

So where do I stand right now....

I paid my 2nd 40% of my course last night so now I have a small amount outstanding, which I will pay on Saturday.  Then all my committments are paid up.  It's so exciting.  I have booked all my extra days accommodation and I also picked up my travel credit card last week {it's actually a Master Card Debit Card - so NO DEBT}.  I got  my Art Supplies list last week which I will also sort out this weekend.  Which is so exciting.  Nothing get's me more excited that buying art supplies, especially having to.  I am such a girl! I don't have much left to organise now... I still can't believe how smoothly it's all gone.  This is what I still have on the list.

1.  Have to book my JHB leg flight return.  {this weekend}
2.  Have to pick up my art supplies.  {this weekend} Yippeeee
3.  Final small payment. {this weekend}
4.  Book some tickets into museums before I leave {this weekend}
5.  Start mapping out my routes {this weekend}
6.  Try a packing run to see that my backage is good enough.  {next week or so}
7.  Forex. {during the next month}

We have less than 6 weeks to go and boy I am seriously starting to count down.  I am still amazed at the miracle of this trip.  I can't explain it.  Not even a little bit!

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