Saturday, 11 August 2012

What to do after Orvieto??

I have 4 extra days in Italy after Orvieto and I have been trying to play the ball late with booking my accommodation before I head home because I have been undecided about what to do and where to go.  It has kind of got me thinking...  Do I stay in Orvieto a little bit {base} or do I head straight back into Rome.  The latter idea hasn't completely grabbed me.  Not only is Rome expensive and there are saftey concerns.  I haven't been sure if I want to rush off anywhere.  The idea of being slow and chilled and slowly ambling around Orvieto and discovering Umbria has been rather appealing to me esp. after a long flight, two busy days in Rome and a week long involved course in Orvieto, I might just want to ease into the next few days and be still, quiet and just take it all in, esp the beautiful Autumn days.  I contacted Bill and Kristi about staying on in Orvieto {feels so safe} and move around from there.  And this idea has got me rather excited.  They gave me some great tips about day-tripping to Cortona and Siena {Tuscany} from Orvieto.  I will spend my last day in Rome before I head back to the airport.  Next step is to start working out and mapping out my itinerary, timetable and routes and start looking at booking online entry tickets to the sights etc.
Seven weeks away and counting...

Siena, Italy

Cortona, Italy

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