Sunday, 30 September 2012

A soft place to land and a room with a view...

Kristi was right!  Orvieto was a soft place to land.
I didn't realise the silent stress I was walking around with, that came with being in a big city and traveling.  Coming to Orvieto was in many ways like coming home... It was contained.  It was safe.  It was gentle.  And it was soooo exciting arriving.  We were finally here...  All our months of dreaming out loud.  All our months of saving and planning... we were, at last, here!!  I could hardly contain my excitement and as Jenny and I got closer to the Monastery, San Lodovico - it felt like we almost ran through the doors.  We were welcomed by Bill who took us up to our rooms.

Omygoodness...My room with a view!
I got to wake up to this every morning for the next 9 days...
I even got my own bells... another treat I got to hear every morning and throughout the days.
After we unpacked and showered - we headed out to meet our hosts Bill and Kristi who gave us the procedure low-downs, our beautiful teacher Misty Mawn and our other incredibly gifted classmates and had dinner together.  It was so good to be here... let the adventures begin.

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