Sunday, 30 September 2012

Big Wishes... Cobble Streets... Ancient Ruins...

We started off our day early so we could hit the cobble streets without the overwhelming crowds...  What a perfect place to start...
Making Beautiful Wishes!!
Just like the picture books and movies...

We arrived as the gates were opening and we got in on half price tickets... It was a real treat!!!

Capturing Moments & Making Memories.

 Beauty and art everywhere the eye sees... totally loving the Archways!

Ancient Ruins
To me the best part about exploring Roma was just being able to roam the streets, no plans and no agenda's... Just exploring blindly and delightfully discovering.  It was one of my best days in Italy!  I loved taking pictures and finding little pieces of art all over the place.


Beautiful art everywhere you look... even around a simply lamp
We ended our time in Rome with a traditional Italian lunch - Pizza and a Latte.
I am so grateful for our brief time in this incredible city...
I will never forget it's greatness and beauty!
After which, it was time to head out to catch our train to Orvieto, in time for our
Introduction and Orientation evening... too excited for words.

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