Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eeeckkk... I am in Roma, Italy!

I arrived in Italy after a brief stop-over in Paris, a tad exhausted but completely excited.  I didn't sleep much on the flight but I can't believe it... I am here!!
I took a moment at the airport to collect myself and change my shoes and start reading my instructions of where to go next.  A car to the Trevi Fountain was too expensive for me.  So I found my way to catch the Leonardo Express train to take me to the centre of Rome (Termini) from there I had to take the tube to the Trevi... where I was to meet my online buddy JennyLeeWenthworth for the first time in real life.
While I was on the train platform, I met a girl from Brazil who was also heading to the Trevi and just like that I had a traveling buddy... which immediately took some of the "traveling in a foreign city alone" pressure off.  It was hot and man I was struggling with my luggage, so the apartment couldn't come quick enough.  The next moment we came face to face with this breathtaking incredible sight... I was shocked - In a good way!!!  I didn't expect to find the Trevi right in the middle of the road just like this and it was just so incredible!  It was so big!!!  The swarm of people, overwhelming... but WOW!!!

I smsed Jenny and she came running down to meet me and I was so happy to see her and we hugged and it was just so comforting.  She was so warm and so open and I knew we were going to be great traveling buddies.  I quickly hopped into the shower and got cleaned up because we had booked tickets into the Vatican City and the Sistine Chapel.

I took so many pictures but these were just a few of my favourites
 I was so blown away by the pure magnitude of everything.  I totally didn't expect to see the use of woman in most of the paintings and in the scultures.  I found them so beautiful.  I couldn't stop taking pictures of the art.  The frescos were breathtaking and I was so amazed that every inch of wall and ceiling was covered in paintings... I loved it.  Jenny and I spent most of the day chatting and getting to know each other.   After spending some time just sitting in the beautiful Sistine Chapel learning about Michael Angelo, we grabbed a Gelato and headed back to the Trevi to meet up with Renee and Lorraine, our fellow classmates. 

I swear that was the biggest ice-cream I ever had

Jenny, Lorraine, Maddy and Renee
Another Gelato run...

I took this picture for Digby... I can't believe I saw a Ferrari in the streets of Italy.
And I took this picture of this mini car for my girls... too sweet.

After dinner with our new wonderful friends, Jenny and I just ambled through the streets of Roma and passed a rather packed Spanish Steps and found the Pantheon... the crowds were relentless!!!
It's true - "Rome is the City that never Sleeps".

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