Friday, 28 September 2012

Saying goodbye and lift off...

Ahhh saying goodbye to my family was tough...  Leaving my girls behind was my first obstacle.  I knew it was going to be emotional because we always do everything together.  The most I have ever been apart from them was 2 days.  So being away from them for 12 days was a big step for all of us.  I am so proud of the way they handled themself regarding me going... how brave they have been and how "for me" they have been.  I know that me going has left an impression on their hearts, one they remember for a long time to come.  Having my Hubby and girl's support - has been huge!
I spent a glorious day in Jhb with two of my sweetest friends, Rene and Sonia @ Billi Bi's.  Which was such an awesome way to start my travels.  I was really nervous about my trip because I hadn't done an international trip for almost 20 years.  I really didn't have a clue what I was doing... I was out of my comfort zones and I was rather sleep deprived.   I had worked flat out right up until the hour I left.  Isn't it always like that... I changed into comfie clothes at the airport before I checked my luggage when I found #loveletters from my girls in my bag... I just burst into tears!! I think the build up of emotions and months of planning... the day was finally here... the start of my #AdventuresinItaly.

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