Sunday, 23 September 2012


So I have packed.  I did it early to see if my things would fit into the bag that I have set aside for the trip.  So no nasty surprises.  I feel relieved.  So today I am doing last minute ironing and will probably repack it today still.  I have also packed my art bag which is a small bag that I will take on-board with me.  I still want to Ziploc all my paints, as suggested.  I still have one or two little art supplies left to get, like my Hot Pressed Paper.  And I also have to get my foreign exchange this week.  I have worked out what I will need cash wise.  So all in all - I think I am pretty much done and ready.  I say that with much trepidation - because are we ever ready for something this big and exciting.  But I guess I am ready as I will ever be or feel!!!  5 more sleeps before I head out!


  1. I anxiously await your unpacking the journey, the discovery, the quest and yes the pilgrimage. xoxo

    1. Thanks my buddy - so I finally started... managed to do 3 posts tonight. Happy reading and happy viewing.

      I am loving reliving it.