Tuesday, 2 October 2012

After a productive and rewarding day in the studio... we headed out to Zeppelin Restaurant for a cooking class with Chef Lorenzo Pelligri who was just so energetic and such a character in the kitchen. Famous word for the night... was "Mama Mia". We had the best time making supper. We all had to make something for dinner. I made a chicken dish, don't ask me what it was called but it had olives in it and it was yum. We ate like royalty. The energy was catchy and tangible. It was a brilliant evening and I do believe a highlight for all of us. And the zuppa was out of this world. I could have easily stopped after the Fungi Pizza bread, the Zucchini floral bread and zuppa. The rest I couldn't really get down.

Chef Lorenzo - giving us our instructions

Misty and Renee making our pizza and breads

Zucchini Bread and Fungi Pizza - the highlight of my evening
Ted and Lorraine - After 35 years of marriage making Trimisu was a breeze
The proof was in the pudding...


  1. It was the best pudding ever was it not?

  2. Time seemed to stand still for that enchanted evening of culinary creativity. It's pretty remarkable that everything we made came out tasting soooooooo fabulous. If only our tummies could hold it all!