Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Day 2 - Finding inspiration in the classroom and kitchen...

We wasted no time on this day - after coffee and breakfast in the Refectory, we headed straight down into our studio. We started off with a pencil still life drawing. I hadn't done a still life for many years... so it was a good exercise to get our eyes in. I love using pencil so I found this exercise theraptic and relaxing.

Our next exercise was a portrait that we found in the magazine.  Here is my process through it... I didn't finish her then - I finished her that evening in bed... yes, I didn't sleep much.  We were moving quickly from one exercise to the next as we had so much to cover and I was determined to finish pieces that I started.  This was one of my favorite exercises... partly because I love pencil drawings and love shading.

I absolutely love this piece.. I have called her Francesca

 This became a daily ritual.
Bill and Kristi always chose the best lunches for us...
It was a wonderful time of day. And to me some of my best meals were had here.
After lunch, Misty teaching us first hand how to draw with charcoal...
She was just remarkable to watch in action.
Misty gave us each a mini book to fill with anything we liked from our trip.
I decided to fill mine with the Madonna - She totally captivated me and she was everywhere.  I managed to do three during my travels but I plan to fill every page with a different one I saw around Orvieto and in the Monestary.

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