Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 5 - Beautiful final moments in the studio...

We all hoped this moment would never come, we were warned it would come quickly and it did.  It's so bitter sweet.  It's been an incredible week of working so hard with full schedules and we all knew it must come to an end but yet our hearts just weren't ready.

Misty started our time off, as usual with incredible tutuorials and as we all sat around her taking in everything we could from her, our incredible teacher - everyone was relaxed and laughing.  There was something special in the class today... I couldn't put my finger on it but I think it was that we had bonded.  In our short time, all coming from different parts of the US and me from a different part of the world - we all had one common thing running through us... that we were all artists and we all in fact, spoke the same language, the language of art.  I wasn't prepared for how powerful that would be, to be around like-minded people in this specific environment for this specific time.  It was truly an honor to be part of something this incredible and this life-changing.
I love this pic - of Misty, John and Dot.

Misty at work - just incredible to watch her in action
Our classroom after a week of play... really lived in
Today was so exciting because after this tutorial - Misty showed us how to put together a collage.  Another first for me - I have never done a collage before and I was completely overwhelmed.  My fear was tangible for me to the point of nausa until I started and the more I worked through it - I just fell in love... I have since done 3 collages and they are just beautiful creative play.  I still have a way to go in what I'm doing but I know I have started something that completely ministers to my artist child...
My first attempt... Still have some work to do but it's love for sure...

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