Friday, 5 October 2012

Day 5 - Small tributes and a bit of show 'n tell...

There is something special that comes out of allowing oneself to be vulnerable by sharing with one another... Although we had painted together all week - putting ourselves out there on display was emotional and a little nerve wrecking.  It was also in these moments that we knew and understood our time in the studio was now really over... and that wasn't easy for any of us.
I have to say without a shadow of doubt - that every artist produced a piece of art that totally became one of my favorites during the week.
 Beautiful people making beautiful art!
Our studio time was officially over.  Misty was leaving first thing in the morning and John was leaving mid-morning.  Saying goodbye is never easy.  What an incredible week with Misty... Generous with her knowledge and her skills.  Generous with giving us things before she left... And so generous with her time.  I was so blown away this week by everyone's generousity, with sharing skills and knowledge, art supplies and tools.  Being part of this amazing group has touched something deep inside of me, something I wasn't expecting but something I will cherish forever.
Meeting beautiful people in a beautiful place making and doing beautiful things is what makes beautiful memories.

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