Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Last quiet moments in Orvieto...

I was the last one to leave Orvieto so I got to see everyone leave... One by one everyone started leaving for their long journey’s home… Misty was the first to head out and left in the early hours of Saturday morning, then John by mid-morning and then Dot and Jenny headed off in the afternoon. Saying goodbye to beautiful people is never easy.  Lorraine, Renee, Sharon and I spent most of Saturday in the studio, after a beautiful walk around the market and Orvieto.  Again, we worked late into the night painting in the studio... I cherished these final moments together.

On Sunday, Sharon and I got to spend another full day together in the studio and it was lovely having quality time with her and sharing our life stories,  practicing our new skills and learning new things from Sharon.  She too, is a wonderful teacher in her own right.  Again, Monday was full of goodbyes... I was a bit emotional about saying goodbye to my new friends but I spent my last full day in Orvieto painting quietly outside  and I also spent final moments walking the cobbles, visiting churches and taking more beautiful pictures.  Knowing I was staying a bit longer than Bill and Kristi, made me so nervous because I knew if something went wrong, I had no "go to" plan.  I had no one to phone in the case of emergency because everyone else would already be on their planes and I would be all alone in Italy.  It made me feel rather vulnerable.

Coming down to the Refectory on this final morning, I knew I would be dining alone.  At first I was overwhelmed by the empty room and the silence.  But after a while, the silence became beautiful to me and I so appreciated this quiet time.  I was all packed and I was ready to face my extremely long  journey home.  I knew I needed one more visit to the Blue Bar for my final cappuccino and a final Facetime chat with my hubby.  I also needed one more beautiful lingering walk around Orvieto before I headed out.  I loved all the walking we did in Italy.  I said my goodbyes to the locals who had become our friends for the week and got my bags and headed to catch my bus to the funicular…  After each accomplished step in my journey home, I let my family and Jenny know where I was.  This made me feel less alone and more connected.


  1. I have so enjoyed reading about your time in Orvieto. Kristen Steiner sent me the link as I am a fellow South African who lives in the US and will be teaching photography in Orvieto this September (and in Temenos in the Cape in February, 2014). I've taken classes from Misty here in the US and she is a wonderful artist and person. Your descriptions have made me so excited about my time in Orvieto. Thank you so much for sharing. Warmly, Catherine

    1. Dear Catherine - I remember now... Kristi and Bill told me about you in Orvieto. Thank you for taking the time to read my story! I know you will have the best time there! And look forward to hearing all about it! Bill and Kristi are amazing people and the fact that you have the opportunity to work with them is such a treat! Delighted for you! I'm heading back to Orvieto again next year September to paint with Misty again! I can hardly wait. Have a beautiful time and pls let me know how it goes. Who knows maybe I will meet you somewhere one day.
      Much love