Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Home Sweet Home...

38.5 hours after leaving the Monastery – I landed in Cape Town.
Man, it had never felt so good to get home and be welcomed back by my sweet little family, as it did on this day.  I was shattered.  It was the longest time I had ever been away from them and it wasn't something I found easy to do.  I will never forget their kindness and grace in giving me this time and space to do this. In many ways, I feel they were as brave as me to let me venture across the world to paint. I think they journeyed every step and every moment with me through Skype and Facetime, with my pictures and stories.  This was huge for us as a family, I think it's one of the most amazing and positive moments that have happened to us as a family in a long time.
Maybe somewhere in us living life, surviving things {really difficult things, at times} and moving swiftly through the child-raising years... we forgot to dream... Dream out loud, dream impossible dreams.  And sometimes, when we give ourselves permission to do this seemingly frivilous thing, just sometimes they come together and they become real gifts. Stolen moments in time.  Precious and cherished memories.
This trip meant so many things to me and I know I will spend months unwrapping this incredible gift that I received.  But I love what it showed my girls about following their dreams and following the call on their lives.  I love that it showed them, that sometimes I am more than just their mum and if nothing else, I know I have made them so proud of me!!

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