Monday, 26 November 2012

Little reminders...

When I was in Italy, Misty generously gave me two original pieces that were her demo's in the classroom and she gave us all 2 postcards of her artwork in our packs. All of which are just so beautiful... and honestly a real treat for me.  The chances of me ever being able to get an original of Misty's work - well who knows.  I love the prints she gave us too.  Sharon also gave us all a postcard of one of her artworks. Renee gave us all a little art gift in a little brown bag that had one of her pieces of art on it.  I had ordered one of Jenny's print before I headed to Italy and she brought me an extra print of her previous work.  Jenny also gave each of us a postcard size print of one of her paintings.  Now I have a small Misty and Jenny Collection happening.  All these lovely pieces together with 3 of my own original pieces were framed and ready to go up this weekend, in my diningroom. This area is mainly blue and white so I had been collecting white frames.  I had a general idea of what I wanted for this wall... It was lovely to see it coming together.  I would still love to add John, Lorraine and Dot's artwork to this collection! But for now I have little reminders of Italy and the beautiful people I met there... every day!
This picture doesn't completely do it justice but it's the best I could get.  This wall has completely transformed my diningroom.

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