Thursday, 12 July 2012

I took a "hue"massive step today...

So today I decided it was my day to phone for flights to see what is available...  I was a little taken aback because all the usual airlines were fully booked around this time.  I felt panic set in.  I thought booking 3 months in advance would be sufficient.  I looked at flying direct to the UK and seeing if that was an option and it could have been except the cost was about $1000 over my flight budget.  Alison, a lovely British lady at the Travel Agency managed to find me a flight via France and then onto Rome.  It will be the 2nd time I have come so close to France but never actually making it in there.  I will arrive a few days early but that's great - it will give me 2 full days to catch my breath, tour a bit before my course starts.  I will also have a few days post trip to tour Rome for a few days before I head home.  The tickets were around $275 more than I expected... I am not sure why Autumn is so popular... I guess I am about to find out.  It would be unrealistic to not have a bit of a contingency in place.  So even thought its a bit over my flight budget, I have accepted my flight itinerary!!!

So on that note... I am heading to the kitchen to pour myself a half a glass of wine to celebrate... at the realisation that my 10 days in Italy, just became my reality!!!!!

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