Thursday, 13 September 2012

Just saying...

Omgoodness... tomorrow 2 weeks... I am hopping on an airplane and heading to the City to catch my connecting flight to Italy!!!
I have one full weekend left with my hubby before I leave because next weekend he's in and out for a cycle race he's doing.  In a nutshell, we have much to go through and finalize this weekend. I want to finalize and lock down my itinerary as much as I can and have my route mapped out as much as I can.  I probably won't stick to it religiously but it will be good to have a vague plan.
And as these things tend to have it... the two weeks leading up to leaving - are nothing less than manic.  Of course!  With school activities in the evenings even the evening before I leave, work commitments and life in general… you know, just to make life interesting.
Needless to say I am getting beyond excited. Or is it nervous. Or maybe it’s both.
All I know is that time is flying faster than I can keep up.... sometimes I find myself actually holding my breath!

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